We help you grow as a leader.

We'll start with a few sessions to understand your story, passions and goals. Then we'll completely customize our coaching to address the issues that you want. You'll find these sessions will save you from making costly mistakes. It will boost your career and organization by focusing on what you do best and leading your team courageously. You'll walk away pursuing your God-given passion with more energy and effectiveness. 


While all of our coaching is customized to fit your needs, here are the most common topics that we address with our clients and groups:

Spiritual Leadership

You need confidants who will “keep watch” both over your soul and your cause. We will help you develop new mindsets, lead from a place of spiritual rest and creativity and accomplish key goals to serve the people around you. 

Leading Change

One of the most difficult tasks of leadership is navigating change. Learn how to assess your culture, address adaptive issues and re-align your team towards a new vision.

Visionary Planning

Know where your organization is going with crystal clarity to boost results and transform people. We will help you discover your unique vision, mission, core values and strategies to attract people that will champion your cause.

Team Development

We provide customized training for your team to accelerate their performance by improving individual leadership capacity, emotional intelligence, team collaboration and direction.


We will help you launch your business or nonprofit startup thoughtfully and efficiently to help you perform at your highest level. You'll create a compelling culture that attracts and keeps partners who truly love your cause. 

Enneagram Training

Through one-on-one coaching, webinars and conferences, we will train you, your leaders or your organization in the Enneagram to find personal freedom through a unique and profound application of the Gospel.


Our donors desire to boost leaders who are serving the under-resourced. Therefore, scholarships are typically dedicated to those leading churches or ministries to the disadvantaged, can demonstrate a financial need or utilize an asset-based development approach to empowering the material poor. If this describes you, please let us know.

Luke is a pastor who was leading a team struggling with unity. With People Launching's help, this team gained clarity on their story, gifts and direction. Now, they have more respect for one another, team cohesion and a clear set of values and goals.

Meet Luke.

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