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Your Cause

One of our key initiatives is to invest more into Christ-centered church plants and nonprofit founders that are serving the underserved. You can see on our giving page some of the current leaders that are poised to make an excellent, long-term investment in God's kingdom. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Why do we launch nonprofit founders and church planters?

Our mission is to boost character and leadership to launch redemptive causes. Roughly half of our work is dedicated towards finding some of the most spiritually vibrant founders that are doing relational and redemptive work to empower the spiritually and material poor.

Cornelius, Marla, Rick Moyers, and Jeanne Bell, Daring to Lead: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and the Meyer Foundation, 2011.

The Need

It's common for bold leaders like these to grow disillusioned, under-resourced and lonely. Sadly their experience is typical. One study entitled "Daring to Lead" found that 52% of nonprofit leaders begin feeling very happy in their roles. But one year later, they enter into a season of low job and board satisfaction levels.

Just when these leaders need the most wisdom, resources, and spiritual encouragement, there is too little to be found. We believe God is calling us to strengthen these founders to weather the inevitable storms they face in the early years in order to see the people in our cities flourish.

Our Solutions

We aim to bolster these pioneers by providing assessment, leadership coaching and peer networks that are dependent upon the Holy Spirit to launch their causes. We believe that this kind of advocacy will best build the leadership capacity and resiliency needed to help these leaders be a redemptive force to our communities. 

For more information contact us or click one of the menu options in the toolbar above.

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