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We clarify your God-given calling through a relational process.

We begin a transformative journey to clarify and launch you into your God-given calling. We will walk with you through your life story, surface your true self, abilities, motivations and environments in which you thrive. Most clients report that they see a boost in emotional intelligence, spiritual vitality and awareness of their giftedness. We make sure you walk away with a personal vision and game plan for the next season of your life.

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Life Story
Motivated Abilities

We want to get to know you fully! So, we begin at your birth. We see how God has uniquely created you and examine the highs and lows of your past.

You'll share with us the various seasons of your personal story and reveal how your heroes and hardships helped to form you into who you are today.


These experiences will help us understand your driving values and passions.

Frederick Buechner defines “vocation” as “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” 

We go back through your top events in past to find your "deep gladness." These are times where you did something well and enjoyed it fully.

From these moments, we'll be able to detect your abilities, areas of interests, environments in which you thrive, satisfaction and unique role.

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We are the authors and developers of an innovative online assessment that applies the truth of the Gospel to your unique personality, helping you see the motivations of your heart so that you can fully experience freedom in Christ.

We also provide training in this Gospel-centered Enneagram assessment so you can use this to boost your team, group or organization.

Find Your Coach

Jeremy came to us feeling "stuck." Now, he's gained clarity on his calling and found new energy to focus his life and calling in a new direction.

Meet Jeremy

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