What Our Clients Say

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"I hit a point in building my business where things weren’t clear. I felt stuck. The challenges in my business weren’t technical, but dynamic people and leadership problems. When I started to work with People Launching, I gained clarity and focus on the things that really matter. Our coaching sessions helped me shift how I operated and work with my team. I’m a lot happier. My team is a lot happier. And a lot more things are getting done because of that. This coaching has been life changing!"

Grant Webster
CEO, LaunchThought, Knoxville, TN

“The whole process of working with People Launching spoke life into me. I realized that my mission was to also speak life into others and help them succeed. It’s exciting because we’re able to build a business that’s built around what I believe God has designed me to do." 

Scott Payne
Owner, Nautical Boat Club, Knoxville, TN


"John didn’t waste time telling me things I wanted to hear about myself. There were no 'pep talks', pats on the back or offerings of unfounded encouragement. Instead, he taught me to navigate through what the gospel says, regarding my identity. His passion for launching people was a catalyst that God used to awaken my own passion and the confidence to act within my unique giftedness."
Mike Simons
Associate Creative Director at Genesys | Interactive Intelligence, Raleigh, NC

“I had the honor of being hired as the CEO of a large nonprofit that employs over 250 people, many of whom have disabilities or face other disadvantages in work. People Launching has helped me gain clarity on the core issues facing us, create an action plan, and hold me accountable to be the leader my organization needs so that we can fulfill and expand our mission with excellence.”


Jim Freeze

Vice President of Retail, Goodwill Houston, TX

former CEO of Goodwill, Youngstown, OH

Founder, Carroll's Kitchen, Raleigh, NC

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“I wanted to continue engaging the Muslim community but didn’t know exactly how to merge my passions, gifting and language skills in a meaningful way in the American context. People Launching was able to skillfully bring out my vision and mission and help me launch my new initiative with clarity on how God wants me to love and serve Muslims in my community. People Launching helped me stay true to who I am and the gifts and skills God has given me.”


Scott Rogers

Physical Therapist


"John has been serving us with his knowledge of the Enneagram to better assess Acts 29 US Southeast applicants. This provides a good framework by which we can know how a person process and perceives the world around and how they interact with what they experience. John's work with our applicants has made a good assessment process better in the last year."

Brian Lowe
Acts 29 Network Southeast Director
Lead Pastor, Exodus Church, Belmont, NC

“John’s people launching skills have set me on a trajectory towards better self understanding and action. Through People Launching, I now get to launch others into their own goals, while understanding at a far deeply level the strengths and focus needed in our organization to be healthier, more effective, and impactful." 

Dakota Zook
InterVarsity, Johnson City, TN


"As we have been exploring God’s calling on our lives in our middle years, People Launching's coaching has helped us begin to articulate a vision for the next season of our lives. As a pastor, People Launching has enhanced my God-given love of listening by helping me ask better questions as I seek to shepherd Jesus’ church."

Joe Swords
Lead Pastor, The Exchange Church, Clio, MI

"People Launching helped my wife and I through the nebulous, lonely and difficult process of moving countries, changing careers and clarifying next steps. We came out of the program more unified in our marriage, more resolute in our purpose and better able to articulate a vision for our future."

Brandon Butler

Staff Care Manager, AIM

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