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Sabbatical Coaching

Choose to Thrive

A sabbatical is a time honored by our Lord where the minister “went apart” from the crowds and His ministry to them. He understood the time to be alone as a work of the Spirit that can only be done in solitude, and as vital for the renewal of leaders and the ministry they are leading. In Sabbatical Coaching, we'll help you bring that renewal and health to you and your family. With the goal of increasing your spiritual, emotional, physical health, and vocational clarity, our coaches will help you better navigate the strains of ministry. You don’t have to be burned-out, compassionless, fatigued, or aimless anymore. There is a better way to lead.

The Process

Your experience will consist of over fifteen hours in one-on-one sessions with our coaches. We’ll also communicate with the leader’s board where helpful. This experience can be within a sabbatical, spread out over many months, or even formatted for “intensives.” Again, we’ll customize this experience to work alongside you and your spouse.

This unique experience will help you...


Improve your awareness of residual and acute stress and how to navigate leadership sickness.


Bring clarity to God’s vision for your life as well as a pivot you to operate within your unique and powerful gifts.


Definitively improve your sleep, fitness, nutrition, rest, and energy management.


Assess and grow your spiritual, emotional, physical, vocational, and family life. 


Help you recover and heal from the disappointments, wounds, and unsustainable pace of fatigued leadership.


Build fluency and transparency with your team to better equip you to lead for the long-term.

Your Coaching Team

Our team has over 70 years of combined leadership experience and will collaborate for your specific needs and challenges to provide the greatest experience possible. You’ll have experts in their fields not only working with you - but working together for your good. By the end of this experience, you’ll land with an informed solid game-plan that is customized for your family, calling, unique rhythms, and health goals.


Luke Thomas

Luke will work with you to boost leadership self-care.


Luke understands leadership sickness. Beyond his education in biochemistry, human physiology, coaching, and athletic performance, his deepest experience in leadership health, he was completely burning out himself in 2011. Upon reformatting his life for leadership health, he has coached many leaders, been published (Leadership Durability, 2019), and has spoken at various conferences to high impact leaders. Luke is the Lead Pastor at Legacy Church in Knoxville, TN.


John Fooshee

John will assist you in identifying key elements of your God-given calling and work with your team or board.


As the founder of People Launching, John has coached over 300 people into their personal calling and consulted over 150 organizations. He is the Executive Pastor at Oak City Church in Raleigh, NC. John has been a pastor for twenty-five years, and has started two churches. He received his coach training from CoachNet in 2008 and has biblical studies degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and King University.

Image 11-14-20 at 10.39 AM.jpeg

Dr. Dwayne Bond

Dr. Dwayne Bond will work with the leader and his or her spouse to improve emotional and marital health.


In addition to leading the Proximus Group, Dwayne serves as the Lead Pastor/Founding Pastor of Wellspring Church in Charlotte, NC. He has four degrees including a Ph.D. in Professional Counseling. Dwayne has over twenty years of counseling experience, fifteen years as a professor in academia, nineteen years in the pastorate, twenty-nine years of ministry experience and ten years of corporate business experience.

Who Should Participate?

This is open to leaders and their spouses who recognize their need to improve their quality of life, health and calling. The couple should consider applying if they are going through a transition in their life or ministry, facing burnout, new challenges, or earnestly desire to take their leadership to the next level. 

Interested? Let's talk.

To learn more, please schedule a 30-Minute Free Consult with our President, John Fooshee.

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