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Enneagram for Business

How the Enneagram Boosts Your Team

As leaders, we desire to find, employ, and unleash healthy employees. This requires a deeper understanding of ourselves and our co-workers than many behavioral assessments.


The Enneagram is a map, a helpful guide on our journey toward self-knowledge. Based on nine archetypal styles, the Enneagram helps reveal a person’s core motivations. Rather than strictly assessing how we present ourselves, the Enneagram helps us understand why we do what we do. Though our basic style will not change, circumstances and health will significantly affect how we express that style throughout our lives.


In addition to being a personality tool, the Enneagram works as a personal enrichment tool as well, exposing our unhealthy tendencies and revealing a personal pathway to growth. It is also a tremendous tool to build team relationships that boost empathy, collaboration, and team unity.


Allow us to help your team turn away from dysfunctional relationships and self-defeating habits, turn toward health, and equip your team to work in line with their strengths.


While all of our coaching can be customized to fit your needs, here are the most common topics that we address with our clients and groups:

Team Retreat

One of the best tools that we've found our team intensives. We typically cover in a day with a group of 5-10 people the following: empathy of individual members' styles, strengths and weaknesses, expectations of the team, emotional intelligence and health, and creating a culture of healthy communication.


Our live or remote conference is designed to equip a larger people with greater awareness and boost collaboration. We’ve seen many people find freedom unhealthy and self-defeating habits, unleash their giftedness, and show up to work more their “true self” as a result of these events.


We are also equipped to provide training for your staff to become Enneagram coaches on site. This is a customized experience that requires 20-30  hours of the employee's time.


We can use three different assessments to fit your budget. This includes our own Enneagram assessment that has proven to be 90% accurate. The assessment is short, simple, and easy to use. The reports are accurate, insightful, and appealing to the eye.

We are able to create your own company's assessment page on our website or embed it into your company's website. To take a test drive, just email us.


"The Enneagram has been revolutionary for our leadership. It might be the best thing to happen to our leadership team chemistry."

Meet Luke.

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