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Helping you join God’s global mission.

Moving from an interest in missions to the calling and actionable steps of becoming a cross cultural missionary can feel like a complicated task.  What are your motivations? How does your calling and unique gifting align with opportunity? There are also questions about the work itself and living outside your home culture. We believe this process and these questions should never be navigated alone. 


Through Missionary Launching, we will help you clarify and develop your understanding of your place in God’s global mission, helping you move from the spark of an idea to living out of your calling. We will also tackle missionary-specific questions, such as developing partners, fundraising, and living as an immigrant. This process, both deeply transformative and practical, is tailored for you to come away with answers and clear next steps.

A Cohort to Launch You

We're starting a peer network that will help support, equip, and help you and your cause thrive. Each cohort will consist of four to eight people who are interested in global missions who want to grow in character, leadership competency, and the awareness of where God wants them to lead their ministry. Over nine months, you'll experience a series of Zoom group sessions, one-on-one coaching and a seven to 10 day residential intensive in Manchester, U.K. 

Focus Areas

Cohort-Based Learning

You'll gain peer friendships and ministry experts to journey with you. And at the conclusion of the cohort, we’ll help to connect you with others to ensure long-term support for you.

Residential Intensive

After meeting remotely with your cohort, you’ll be part of a 7 to 10 day visit to Manchester, England to work through what you’ve learned and to process where you’re going.

Living Outside Home Context

You'll learn about the implications of living as an immigrant, navigating cultural differences, and other challenges cross-cultural missionaries face.

Ministry Resilency

People Launching has a proven experience in launching missionaries into health and effectiveness. We'll support you with leaders who have served and understand global missions. 

Partner Development

For a sustainable and impactful ministry, we’ll help you know how to raise up others to join you in this mission through prayer, support, and finances. This process will be as much as a spiritual exercise as a practical need.

Launch into Your Calling

Discover how God has uniquely made and gifted you, and how to best join God in His mission. We'll help you even if it doesn't lead to living internationally.

Meet Your Cohort Leader

Greg Willson loves to help people discover their own unique calling and find ways to live it out. This has led him to various adventures, including moving from the US to live in the UK, where Greg currently is the lead planter for Redeemer, a church in Manchester, England. He enjoys making music, running, reading books, and getting into the nerdier aspects of brewing coffee. Greg is Christina’s husband and Colin’s dad.

Interested? Let's talk.

The applications are now open. To learn more, please email the cohort leader Greg Willson at

Or, schedule a free 30-minute consult with Greg below!

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