Let's get started!

I'm ready to help launch you into greater clarity and focus! Unless I directed you otherwise, please complete all four steps below.  If you have any questions, please call me, John Fooshee, at 919.818.7609 or email me at john@peoplelaunching.com.

Step 1 - Agreement

Please download, sign and email this agreement to John Fooshee at john@peoplelaunching.com prior to your first session. Click here to download if you're an individual client or here if you're signing a retainer agreement for your organization.

Step 2 - Information

Please save my information: Phone: 919.818.7609 Email: john@peoplelaunching.com

Remote meetings: If we will have remote meetings, Zoom is my preferred video conferencing platform. You can download it for free, here. Once you download it, save this link for our scheduled meetings: https://zoom.us/j/2660463540. Now, to help me have accurate information on you, please fill out this form.  

Step 3 - Fees & Payment

We are quite flexible in how you choose to pay. You may pay with a credit card with a one time payment with the link below. If you would prefer a recurring payment or require an invoice, please email us. Finally, you may pay by check by making your check out to "People Launching" and mail it to: People Launching, 410 Lord Berkley Dr., Raleigh, NC 27610. 

Step 4 - Schedule a Session

Scheduling: To schedule a session with me, click the button below. Please note that while my calendar only allows a few time options, you can request a shorter or longer meeting by emailing me. Also, remember that sessions where we cover your life story or motivated abilities usually take 90 minutes.