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Let's get started!

People Launching is ready to help launch you into greater clarity and focus! Unless directed otherwise, please complete all four steps below. If you have any questions, please email Amelie Sargent, Administrative Director at

Step 1 - Agreement

Please download, sign and email this agreement to Amelie Sargent at prior to your first session. Click here to download if you're an individual client, or here if you're signing a retainer agreement for your organization.

Step 2 - Information

Please save this information

Amelie Sargent, Administrative Director: Email:

John Fooshee, President: Phone: 919.818.7609 Email:

Remote meetings: If meetings are remote, Zoom is People Launching's preferred video conferencing platform. You can download it for free, here. Now, to help us have accurate information on you, please fill out this form.  

Step 3 - Fees & Payment

All payments will be conducted by invoicing through Paypal. You can pay the entirety of your coaching fees up front, or develop a payment plan in your Client Intake with the Administrative Director. For any additional questions on payment plans and fees, please reach out to Amelie at

Step 4 - Schedule a Session

Scheduling: To schedule a session with with your coach, please click the button below, or reach out to them directly in an email. Please note that sessions where we cover your life story or motivated abilities usually take 90 minutes, otherwise all sessions will be around 60 minutes, unless otherwise noted by your coach.

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