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Our Story

In the first two organizations that John Fooshee began, he followed the playbook of popular leadership culture and casted his vision and asked others to buy into it. Yes, both organizations made it. But the most captivating part for John was what came out of the hearts of the people who were involved. They had bold dreams but simply lacked the encouragement to step out. Courage is hard to come by when you feel alone.


In 2006, John asked, "What if we turned conventional wisdom around?" He teamed up with an insightful friend to start a different organization. Instead of merely calling people to follow their vision, this one was first committed to the people themselves and launching them into the work that they were passionate about. The result was beautiful! Over the past decade John has helped launch the dreams of over 200 men and women in the marketplace and over 60 organizations. 

People Launching is committed to continuing this work. Each day, we get to watch people's hardships transformed into an exciting story and their work turned into something deeply meaningful.

We'll help you launch your redemptive cause.


"I wanted to continue engaging the Muslim community but didn’t know exactly how to merge my passions, gifting and language skills in a meaningful way in the American context. 

People Launching was able to 
skillfully bring out my vision and 
mission and help me launch my 
new initiative with clarity on how 
God wants me to love and serve 
Muslims in my community. 

People Launching helped me stay true to who I am and 
the gifts and skills God has given me."


"I fell in love with the concept of social enterprise business when I launched a nonprofit restaurant that employs women who are fleeing crisis situations. I then had the honor of being hired as the CEO of a large social enterprise that employs over 250 people, many of whom have disabilities or face other disadvantages in work. People Launching has helped me gain clarity on the core issues facing us, create an action plan, and hold me accountable to be the leader my organization needs so that we can fulfill and expand our mission with excellence."

Gretchen & Kyle

"We were overwhelmed with the growth of our inner-city ministry to youth and experienced severe growing pains. Constantly putting out fires and responding to problems, we were unable to able to truly live out the mission of LXI. Feeling like we hit a brick wall in ministry, we came to People Launching for help. Through our coaching sessions with People Launching, we were able to step back to gain perspective on our current struggles and come up with solutions that aligned with our ministry’s mission and heart. The coaching we received from People Launching is one of the greatest catalysts of our ministry.”

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