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Our Plan to Boost Nonprofit Founders

Over the last two years, People Launching has coached and trained over sixty founders in the first five years of starting their new nonprofit. A dozen of these leaders came to us prior to starting or re-envisioning their nonprofit because they wanted to do it wisely, utilizing the best possible practices and resources. By God's grace, we're proud to say that 91% of these nonprofits launched successfully.

When these founders reach out to us, most are over engaged in their work because the demand of their new cause is high. It's especially taxing because most of these ministries are seeking to equip the socially and economically disadvantaged. The pressure to succeed is high. And it has left them feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, lonely and close to burnout. To learn more about the challenges these leaders face, click here.

A Cohort to Accelerate Your Cause

If you're the primary leader of your nonprofit and this describes you, then it should be obvious that you need support to weather the inevitable storms that you will face in these early years. To help, we will bolster you by providing leadership coaching that's dependent upon the Holy Spirit to launch or re-launch your cause. We believe that the advocacy of a peer network will best build your leadership capacity and resiliency.

Each cohort will consist of 5-7 Executive Directors or CEOs of nonprofits who want to grow in character, leadership competency and the confidence to accelerate the vision God has given them.  It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will use these confidants to guide and empower your work.

If accepted, our staff will be fully engaged in your cause, offering their insight and expertise. Your cohort will also function as your own personal  advisory board.

Our board and donors are partnering with Cherokee Gives Back to make this ministry to you possible. We're also incorporating exceptional biblical and business training provided by Mission Triangle to make this the best quality experience possible.

Jim Freeze

People Launching has helped me gain clarity on the core issues facing us, create an action plan, and hold me accountable to be the leader my organization needs so that we can fulfill and expand our mission with excellence.

Scott Roberts

People Launching was able to skillfully bring out my vision and mission and help me launch my new initiative with clarity on how God wants me to love and serve Muslims in my community.

Gretchen Brewer

Through our coaching sessions, we were able to step back to gain perspective on our current struggles and come up with solutions that aligned with our ministry’s mission and heart. 


Bolder Leadership

Courage is hard to come by when you feel alone. This experience will provide equip you in solid biblical instruction and practical business insights. Your cohort will also help point you to best practices and rhythms that you need to thrive in your career long-term.

Increased Insight

People Launching has a proven experience in launching nonprofit founders. Now, we'll support you with leaders who can empathize and speak into your challenges with confidentiality, care, wisdom and encouragement.

Greater Capacity

Leaders and their causes form an  inner-connected relationship that shape each other. Being in a community of leaders who are committed to expanding their abilities and skills will help you impact the growth and structure of your organization. 

Spiritual Vibrancy

We believe that you're most creative and productive when you operate from the love of God. This experience includes regular practices and disciplines to boost your walk with God and foster a spirit of gratefulness in the work that God has called you to do.

Clearer Path

This includes full, holistic assessments on your leadership and your organization. You'll spend one-on-one time with our staff, working through a customized "game plan" with specific actions and goals to help your life, family and cause.


After twenty-one months, we will set up your group to continue to meet to provide long-term peer support for one another. These kinds of long-term collaborative relationships will build resiliency to help you handle the "hard knocks" of leadership. 



We will begin receiving applications in April 2019. Applications are limited to the primary leader of your nonprofit (Executive Director, CEO, etc.). It process includes a series of conversations where we evaluate your life, calling, work and relationships. If approved, this will lay the groundwork for a customized coaching path and actions to work on during the training phase.

The Plan Screenshot 2.png


The training phase will begin in September 2019 and will last twenty-one months. During this time, you will learn best nonprofit leadership practices (with Mission Triangle), experience in-depth cohort retreats and one-on-one coaching with John Fooshee or Scott Steele of Cherokee Gives Back. At the end of this time, you will walk away with a customized game plan for you and your ministry.

Long-Term Relationships

After this training together, your cohort will continue to support you and your cause at times and places that are convenient for your group. So, you'll be able to enjoy the long-term support, wisdom and a common commitment to lifetime learning and leadership development. We'll also challenge you and your cohort to give back some of your time, talent and capital to the next generation of nonprofit pioneers. 



All candidates must have already started their organization. They must also share our DNA, be committed to incarnational ministry, display Christ-like character traits and are a member in a church. Priority will those who are active or desire to grow in asset-based community development.


Candidates need to faithfully attend quarterly mid-week retreats near Raleigh, NC. Each month they must also remotely attend 3-hour cohort meetings and 75-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions between Sept. 2019 to May 2021.


Please note that we will take breaks in June-July and December.


A monthly installment is determined with a sliding scale based upon the ministry's focus, age and financial size. It covers all costs except travel to and from events.


This fee is already subsidized by donors but scholarships are also available to those who can show a financial need or for nonprofits engaged in racial reconciliation or equipping the material poor. 

Interested? Let's talk.

The applications for the September 2019 cohort is now open. To begin the conversation, please fill out the form below.