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Jal Mahal

Invest the Gospel Enneagram in India

India is a young country, with 40% of the population being between the ages of 4 - 25 years old. This age demographic compromising such a large portion of the population means it is crucial for them to understand their calling and be rooted in the Gospel in order for the Church in India to continue to grow. People Launching is partnering with YOUnique, and organization in India that teaches and mentors young people from ages 15 - 25 on how to discover their unique purpose. In our partnership, we are equipping them to teach and use the Gospel Enneagram so that they can help root these people they mentor into a Gospel identity. YOUnique's work reaches not just individuals, but churches and communities as a whole, and we are honored to be apart of their mission to raise up the next generation in India! 

Who You're Helping

Developing healthy leaders for redemptive causes


​The money we raise goes directly towards providing free coaching in the Gospel Enneagram to the leaders in YOUnique, and complete access to all of our course work for them to use and adapt to their needs. See their work equipping and encouraging the next generation at the You Leaders Summit in India in this video!

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