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Missionary Cohort

Choose to Thrive

Without a doubt, these last few years have placed a huge weight on missionaries across the globe. The COVID-19 crisis has left many feeling isolated, exhausted, and confused about what’s next for them and their ministry. During this season, we've heard the words, “overwhelmed,” “unfocused,” “lonely” or “burned out” too many times to count. 


If you are wanting to better care for the missionaries you lead, then you need the personal and professional support to cope with the past, present, and future transitions and lean upon God to help missionaries rest, recalibrate, and rebuild their ministries. People Launching can help!


Bolder Leadership

Courage is hard to come by when you feel alone. This experience will equip your missionaries in solid biblical instruction and practical ministry insights. The cohort will also help point them to sustainable practices and rhythms that they need to thrive in their calling long-term.

Greater Capacity

Missionaries and their causes form an  inner-connected relationship that shape each other. Being in a community of like-minded missionaries who are committed to expanding their abilities and skills will help you make sure they are getting the help they need. You also will have more concrete ways to love and support them.

Clearer Path

This includes full, holistic assessments on your missionaries and the health of their ministries. They'll spend one-on-one time with our staff, working through a customized "game plan" with specific actions and goals to help their spiritual walk, family life, and the people they are called to serve.

Increased Insight

People Launching has a proven experience in launching missionaries into health and effectiveness. We'll support them with leaders who have served and understand global missions. They can empathize and speak into your challenges with confidentiality, care, wisdom and encouragement.

Spiritual Vibrancy

We believe that you're most creative and productive when you operate from the love of God. This experience includes regular practices and disciplines to boost your walk with God and foster a spirit of gratefulness in the work that God has called you to do.


After twelve months, your missionaries will gain peer friendships and consultants that will be available to provide long-term support for them. Throughout the process, we'll also provide you with ways to deepen your connections with your global partners and mobilize your network to support them with what they REALLY need.

A Cohort to Pivot Your Cause

To help, we're starting a peer network that will help support, equip, and help you and your cause thrive. Each cohort will consist of 4-8 missionaries who want to grow in character, leadership competency, and the awareness of where God wants them to lead their ministry. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will use these confidants to guide and empower your work.

If accepted, our staff will be fully engaged in your cause, offering their insight and expertise through cohort-based training and one-on-one coaching.



People Launching has helped me gain clarity on the core issues facing us, create an action plan, and hold me accountable to be the leader my organization needs so that we can fulfill and expand our mission with excellence.

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People Launching was able to skillfully bring out my vision and mission and help me launch my new initiative with clarity on how God wants me to love and serve Muslims in my community.


Gretchen Brewer

Through our coaching sessions, we were able to step back to gain perspective on our current struggles and come up with solutions that aligned with our ministry’s mission and heart. 

Starting September 2020


At present, we're planning three cohorts to start in January. We would love you, as the missions pastor, to pray about who you could ask to join.


After we receive the initial applications from your chosen missionaries, we'll schedule an interview to learn about your work and make sure this program "fits" your needs.

A limited amount of spots are available so apply soon!

Deadline for applications are December 15.

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Candidates need to faithfully attend one group retreat (subject to change depending upon COVID-19 guidelines), a monthly cohort meeting (2 hours), and a monthly coaching session (60 minutes). At present, we're planning one cohort in September and another in January of 2021. Please note that we will take a break from all meetings in December and May.


Generous donors have made it possible for you to participate in this ministry at a highly discounted rate. You can pay this rate either monthly over twelve months or all upfront (to save 10%). If money still remains an issue at this time, please contact us early and we'll coach you through how to raise the needed resources. 

Interested? Let's talk.

The applications are now open. To learn more, please schedule a 30-Minute Free Consult with our Global Partnership Director, Jordan Harger.

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