Gospel Enneagram

Grow your personal life and leadership capacity with our two online webinars.

What is the Enneagram?

If you don't already know, “Ennea” means nine and “gram” refers to something that’s written (which refers to a drawing that shows the nine personality types). Most assessments today, assume that people and their personalities don’t change. But the Enneagram is it’s built off of the assumption that personalities grow as people change. 

Some people love the Enneagram so much they seem to treat this tool as if it's the Gospel. Let's be clear: The "good news" of Jesus is all we need to find life because only in His finished work are we free from sin and adopted into a life-giving relationship with God!

Yet there's wisdom in rooting the Enneagram in the Gospel.  No one is quite sure the origins of the Enneagram. If you read its history (here), you'll see that many argue that the early Christian desert fathers and mothers used it and actually built the "7 Deadly Sins" into it. Perhaps this is why it's the perfect tool to ground people in the Gospel, uproot idolatry and point people them towards loving others with their God-given gifts. 

When you sign up, you'll see why the "Gospel Enneagram" is a profoundly practical combo for you to grow in spiritual self-awareness and find personal freedom in Christ.

Gospel Enneagram (Part 1 - Facilitator)

In this first, six-weeks training we will introduce you to the Enneagram and how the Gospel makes it a powerful tool to find freedom from sin and self-defeating habits, unleash your giftedness and become your "true self". You'll learn your main Enneagram style, grow in self-awareness and how the Gospel applies to your life.

We'll also teach you how to facilitate conversations with others so your friends, family, church or business can grow. 

Gospel Enneagram (Part 2 - Consultant)

This second training is for anyone who wants advanced training. In group sessions, we'll cover levels of health for each style, spiritual disciplines, childhood and relationship patterns. We'll also offer you three one-on-one sessions with one of our staff where we will help you hone your skills.

You'll start coaching others during this training and gain experience walking people through a greater level of self-awareness and Gospel application.