Our new online assessment applies the truth of the Gospel to your unique personality, helping you see the motivations of your heart so that you can fully experience freedom in Christ.

The Gospel Applied Uniquely to You

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Training in Our Assessment

Facilitator Webinar

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In this six-week live webinar, we will introduce you to the Enneagram and how the Gospel makes it a powerful tool to find freedom from sin and self-defeating habits, unleash your giftedness and become your "true self". You'll learn your main Enneagram style, grow in self-awareness, and how the Gospel applies to your life.

We'll also teach you how to facilitate natural and non-threatening conversations to help your friends, co-workers, family or church members thrive.

Certified Coach Training

If you are a spiritual mentor, church leader, HR specialist or counselor, Gospel Pathway adds value, depth and effectiveness to your work. Through this training, you'll gain insight into an individual's level of spiritual health, relationship patterns and spiritual disciplines for each specific Enneagram style. By granting you access to the individual's specific answers and trends on their online assessment, we'll train you to use this tool with more precision and depth. You'll be able to provide each person you coach with a lasting understanding of themselves and their pathway for spiritual growth. 

Beyond working with individuals, Gospel Pathway can be used for coaching teams and organizations. Because it speaks to understanding a person's patterns and motivations, the knowledge it provides is particularly helpful in team building, creating effective communication, developing a stronger organizational structure and developing leaders. You will be able to use Gospel Pathway with all levels of employees within an organization.