Personal Solutions

Personal Solutions

If you're ready to put your calling into action in your personal life, here's how we help you dive deeper into self-awareness to help you find greater joy and impact in life.

Couples Launch

We teach you and your loved one learn how to launch each other in the right direction. You will help him or her get clarity on their career and help them learn what to say “yes” and “no” to at work, home, church and in relationships. Think about it, who is better to help them make life choices than you? And who should be better at doing that for you than them?

Gospel Enneagram Training

The Enneagram is an ancient tool that is excellent for gaining self-awareness. And when it is rooted in the Gospel, it is arguably the best personalized tool to help your people grow spiritually. We will train you, your leaders or your church in the Enneagram to find personal freedom through a deep and personal application of the Gospel.

Find a Killer Job

We're experts on helping people land "killer" jobs. We customize your calling, examine your opportunities and coach you through your entire job search process. You will walk away with a outstanding resume, interviewing skills as you receive coaching throughout your interview process. 


Life Plan

We provide a 3-day personal Life Plan in Raleigh, NC. This is a holistic life development process that will help you examine your emotional and spiritual motivations, calling, home and work environments to lead you into a more fulfilling and meaningful life. This time will change your perspective about God, yourself, your relationships and equip you with new ways of living through a practical game plan for your next season.