Gospel Enneagram (Part 2 - Certified Coach)

Next class begins in early January. Registration deadline is January 8th.

So, you've already taken Gospel Enneagram (Part 1 for Facilitators) and you want more. This second training is for anyone who wants advanced training. We will cover:

  • In four group sessions, we'll cover levels of health for each style, spiritual disciplines, childhood and relationship patterns. 

  •  We'll also offer you three one-on-one sessions with one of our staff where we will help you hone your skills.

  • You'll start coaching others during this training and gain experience walking people through a greater level of self-awareness and Gospel application.

Time & Date

Each session is between 60-75 minutes and will be online at 4:30pm (EDT) on dates that are convenient for the class. If you miss one of the sessions, we will provide for you a recording so that you can watch it at a convenient time.


$497 for all six sessions plus three one-on-one times with one of our consultants to help you hone your skills as a coach. You'll become certified to administer the upcoming Gospel Enneagram assessment.


For every person you refer that signs up we will refund you $50. Please ask them to mention you on the form below when they check out. 

For information on the advance training on the Gospel Enneagram (Part 1 - Facilitator), click here.