First, We Clarify Your Calling

With every client, we begin a transformative journey to clarify and launch into their calling. We will walk with you through your life story, surface your true self, abilities, motivations and environments in which you thrive. You will significantly grow in awareness of your giftedness and walk away with a personal vision and game plan for the next season of your life.


Next, We Apply Your Calling

Now that your direction is clear, we're able to keep your life focused and apply your calling to your business, church or personal life. To learn more, click one of the three buttons below.


Business Leaders

Boost your career and your company by focusing on what you do best and leading your team courageously. 

Church Leaders

Lead your people boldly by understanding their gifts and finding God’s specific vision for your church.


Personal Life

We’ll help you dive deeper into self-awareness to help you find greater joy and impact in life.