Business Leader Solutions


Meet Scott

An entrepreneur who discovered that his unique calling is to speak life into others, not just to "make a buck". Listen to how this passion is fueling his new business.

Business Leaders

We help you boost your career and company by focusing on what you do best and leading your team with courage. Here are the products that we offer to do just that.

Leading Change

One of the most difficult tasks of leaders is to navigate change. Learn how to align your team, cast vision and hold them accountable to change while growing more passionate about your cause.

Vision & Clarity

Know where your business is going with crystal clarity to boost results and serve people. We will help you discover your unique mission, core values, vision, strategy and goals for your business.


Launch Talent

We also launch your team members by helping them find their "sweet spot" and perform at their highest level. You'll create a compelling culture that attracts and keeps resilient employees who truly love your organization. 

Executive Coaching

We will customize our coaching strictly by your personal and organizational needs. You set the agenda!  Number of sessions are based upon need. 


Superior Execution

Ensure that your team performs at the highest level by learning how to cast vision, monitor the right measurements, develop good processes and tackle the most important issues. You will see an increase commitment, accountability, and discipline in your organization. 

Team Development

We provide customized training for your team to accelerate their performance by improving individual leadership capacity, team collaboration and emotional intelligence.

Leadership Intensive

We provide a 3-day Leadership Intensive in Raleigh, NC that will help you develop a robust plan for the next season of your career. We delve deep, looking at your emotional and spiritual health, leadership capacity, home and work environment to remove hurdles and accelerate your personal and professional growth. This time will boost your career and benefit your soul, family, relationships and your organization as you re-enter with new ways of thinking, crystal clear goals and superior effectiveness. 


Team Experiences & Retreats

We also develop customized for your team at the place of your choosing. Most of these experiences are designed to boost team morale and collaboration and give clarity and direction to improve culture and performance. However, we'll work with your needs to create a custom-fit solution.